"Not My President!!" Screamed The Millions Against Trump!! So Do I!!

What the founders of America feared, has now happened. Those greats, 240 years ago, all aristocrats and educated elite, have feared mob rule. So they, in the Constitution, built a firewall to prevent that. Called the Electoral College, it is intended to filter the popular vote. Though with an attractive name, "representative democracy" is no guarantee that the winner of the popular vote in a presidential election, does necessarily win the Oval Office. What counts here, by today's calculation, is the winner of at least 270 electoral votes. In recent history, it happened in 2000, in Bush v. Gore. Despite ... Read More

Viewing the U.N. And Its Charter From the Perspective of Realism

Not by lamentations, but by congratulations, should a former UN staffer like me, greet the appointment of the new Secretary-General. I have served under four of his predecessors: Dag Hammarskjold, U Thant, Kurt Waldheim, and Javier Perez de Cuellar.    Antonio Guterres, now the 8th Secretary-General, deserves to succeed. He, a former Prime Minister of Portugal, and a former UN High Commissioner for Refugees, has the right tools for UN leadership. However I am not questioning the worthiness of the new captain of the UN ship. I am not sure whether the ship itself is still sea-worthy.    Born in 1945, the ... Read More

Ask Not What’s Wrong With Islam – Ask What’s Wrong With Its Understanding!!

Bernard Lowis was dead wrong by asking: "What Went Wrong With Islam."So was his disciple, the Somali Ayaan Hirsi Ali, an Islamophobe whose last of four books is entitled: "Why Islam Needs a Reformation Now." Both of them, in my view as a specialist in Islam, have missed a central fact. Islam, as a faith, is constantly self-renewing through interpretation. This is called "The Tafseer (interpretation) Jurisdiction." Thus between the two unalterable bases for Islamic Law (Sharia), namely the Quran, and the Hadith (the latter for the ascertainable utterances and conduct of the Prophet Muhammad, stands Tafseer.) In other words, ... Read More

Crazy Mid-Summer Night Dreams, For An Egyptian Court On Tiran and Sanafir

This is hard to believe. An Egyptian administrative Court, within the Council of State, sitting in Cairo. Ruling on June 21, 2016 that an agreement between Egypt and Saudi Arabia, signed in Cairo in April, was null and void. Under that agreement, Egypt is to return those Red Sea islands of Tiran and Sanafir to Saudi Arabia. That judgment is riven by so many legal errors that it resembles mid-summer night dreams. These include: •    It regards the entire Egyptian population as "the plaintiff;" •    The presumed defendants are Egypt's President, its Prime Minister, and its Ministers for Defense, Foreign ... Read More

Wahhabism Is A Crushing Burden on Islam and the Kingdom

It began in the 19th century as a reform movement in Najd, central Arabia. By the late 20th century, Wahhabism has degenerated into a police theocracy.A near co-ruler of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The great founder of the Kingdom, Abdel-Aziz Al-Saud, with an eye on legitimating his family's authority over a kingdom of 5 parts, reached an agreement with Al El-Sheikh, the descendants of Abdel-Wahhab, the reformist founder of Wahhabism. The Saudis would rule the new State; Al El-Sheikh would oversee religious affairs. The Saudi family kept its bargain, including funding Wahhabism. The Wahhabis kept on interpreting Islam narrowly, ... Read More

Lookouts On Islam: Either The Summit of Muhammad Ali, or The Gutter of Omar Mateen

ISIS is not the only source of subversion of Islam. Of equal lethality are citizens of non-Muslim societies who act on ISIS inspiration to murder their co-citizens. In the name of Islam. A stab in the back for environments which ensured for them freedom of faith. Only, as in Orlando, or San Bernardino, or Fort Hood, to kill in cold blood their protectors. The choice for lookouts on Islam is immensely stark. It is either from the summit of Muhammad Ali, a world champion, or the gutter of Omar Mateen who killed and maimed more than a hundred of his ... Read More

”صوت بلادي“ جريدة المهجر صداها في قلبي

سمعت عنها من أصدقائي بالأمم المتحدة. وأعطوني أول عدد منها في ديسمبر 2013. وبدأتُ أتصفحها فإذا هي ذات صدى في قلبي. لأن قلبي في بلادي، وهي صوتها في مهجرنا الأمريكي. كانت فترة صياغة الدستور. لا أعني دستور عام 2012. إذ لا علاقة لي بذلك الدستور الإخواني الذي صيغ في نوفمبر، أي بعد انتخاب مرسي رئيسا للجمهورية في يونيه 2012. وضعوا الحصان (أي الدستور) خلف العربة (أي الشعب). دستوري هو الدستور الذي وضع في ديسمبر 2013 وأصبح دستور مصر عام 2014 الذي توافقت عليه الأمة قبل انتخاب السيسي رئيسا للجمهورية في انتخابات عادلة مفتوحة، فاز فيها السيسي على حمدين صباحي. أقول ... Read More

Attacks On The New Egypt Are Not Only By Terrorists But Also By Egyptian Journalists

A mirror case is that of the Saudi islands of Tiran and Sanafir. For it mirrors a malaise in Egyptian media, as they lie or obfuscate under a new cover. That is the cover of the "freedom of expression." Also known as "the freedom of the press," born in the vortex of the two companion revolutions: January 25, 2011 and June 30, 2013. There are limits to every freedom, and frameworks for every right. The freedom context is of two layers: the lower is that of the individual; the higher is that of the community. No freedom can be without ... Read More

من يدعي مصرية تيران وصنافير كاذب وليس له لا في العير ولا في النفير

1 -    بقلم شاهد عيان: من هو؟ 2 -    مقدمة الموضوع. 3 -    الخرئط الدولية لا تكذب. 4 -    سابقة شط العرب. 5 -    هل هناك اتفاق بين مصر والسعودية؟ 6 -    ما هو معنى السيادة؟ 7 -    كيف انعكس الاتفاق الإداري لعام 1950 على النـزاع العربي الاسرائيلي؟ 8 -    ثم ماذا بعد الخمسينات؟ 9 -    لماذا فعل عبد الناصر ذلك؟ 10 -    وما علاقة هذا بالجزيرتين؟ 11 -    ما هي الحناجر الأخرى التي انطلقت بالبهتان؟ 12 -    ما هي آثار بهتان الحناجر على مصر في الخارج؟ 13 -    كيف أقيس الزعامة الناصرية بصدد سياسة مصر الخارجية؟ 14 -    ما ... Read More

When The Road To Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions: Egypt’s Dismissal of An Errant Justice Minister

Beware of the Ides of March!! Last month, the New Egypt engaged in a rare administrative act: The summary dismissal of its Justice Minister. Dated March 13, 2016. Well done!! Counsellor Ahmed Al-Zind was a well-meaning person. But he has a disease. Incurable. Is called "shooting from the hip." Or diarrhea of the mouth. And Al-Zind shot from the hip, or the mouth, 3 times An Arab adage says: "The third hit hurts the most." So former Minister Al-Zind met his quota of imbecilities. When the New Egypt, now under reconstruction, hurts, there is little room for "MAALESH" (Never Mind). ... Read More

From The Womb of Trump’s Fascism Emerges A Chaotic American Spring

The man is an impostor. An impostor in the village. The very title of my novel in Arabic: An Impostor In The Village. Published in Cairo twice. Once in 1948; the other in 2014. And Trump's village is America. From his lips gushes bombast and abuse. The adage says "loose lips sink ships." Trump's lips has sunk the Republican Party. The Grand Old Party (GOP) of the great liberator, President Abraham Lincoln. At the age of 16, I travelled to Lincoln. Spiritually from my Egyptian village, Kanayat, Province of Sharqiah. That was through trudging in 1944 for 3 miles to ... Read More

Thinking Out of the Book: Framing A Theory On "The Egyptian Mind"

Political Theory is a unique specialization. One of my areas of concentrations. Primarily it teaches you two things: Thinking "out of the box;" and framing your arguments for possible durability. People remember ideas longer than they remember events. With this said, here is the framing of a theory. A theory on "The Egyptian Mind." Like all theories, it cannot be perfectly encompassing. And it usually provokes lots of pros and of cons. The grist that may in future produce better flour. I begin with an apology to the great Greek historian Herodote (or Herodotus).Born in 485 B.C., and died in ... Read More

It Is Truly Uncommon!! But Between ISIS and Trump, There Are Certain Things In Common!!

Incredible. The super rich Trump and the super rich ISIS. In America, the Donald is running for President, so far as a Republican. In Syria and Iraq, Al-Baghdadi is running as a terrorist for the Caliphate. In America, Trump has 14 other competitors saying "he is no good." In Syria and Iraq, there is a fractured international coalition, saying "ISIS is no good."But Trump has his own plane, his own helicopter. ISIS has its own tunnels and human shields to protect its forces from the coalition's air strikes. Since June 2015, all American pundits assured their audiences that the Trump ... Read More

نظرية أوباما في صراعات الشرق الأوسط

عندما نحكم على أية نظرية، فنحن نحكم عليها بما يضادها وما يضاد نظرية أوباما في صراعات الشرق الأوسط، نظرة تشيني، نائب الرئيس الأمريكي، بوش الأصغر، إلى تلك الصراعات. وذلك لأن تشيني لا يعدو عن كونه مجرم حرب، وعضو في حزب الحرب الأمريكي المسمي بالحزب الجمهوري حاليا. صدر كتاب أخيرا من تأليف تشيني وابنته "ليز". كتاب بعنوان "الاستثنائي" يسرد فيه خبراته خلاف ثمانية أعوام (2000-2008) كان فيها الحاكم الحقيقي، لا الرئيس بوش الأصغر – الذي كان رئيسا لا حول له ولا قوة. ماذا قال تشيني في كتابه "الاستثنائي"؟ اتهم أوباما بأنه أضعف الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية. ثم انتقل بوقاحة من تلك التهمة ... Read More

In the Voice of the Baby of the San Bernardino Killers Mom and Dad

Wherever You Both Are Now Maybe In a Bad Place After You Killed the Innocent oooo You Left Me With Grandma Who Awaited Your Joyous Return To Pick Me Up, Change Me And Feed Me oooo But You Never Did Only Your Images On the Somber TV When You Moved Among the Living oooo Why Did You Do It? All That San Bernardino Killing Of Moms and Dads Whose Families Are In Mourning oooo Your Names Are Deceptive For Rizwan Means God's Blessing And Malik Is One Name For God Almighty oooo Neither Malik Nor Rizwan Shall Be On Your ... Read More

Idiotic Claims on the Giza Pyramids By the Most Ignorant of Today’s Stupids!! The claimants cover the three Ibrahamic faiths: Jews, Christians, and Muslims. The democratization of insane ignorance.

Some Jews claim that they built those pyramids. A Christian running for the U.S. presidency, Ben Carson, claims that the pyramids were used by biblical Joseph to store grains. And the Muslim Brotherhood saw in the Giza pyramids idolic symbols that should be destroyed. All idiotic claims by the most ignorant of today's stupids; the crazy revisionists of world history. Under the guise of giving themselves a leg up on the ladder of legitimacy. And the evidence is clear through the following facts. Facts that are stubborn enough to make those claimants the world's laughing stock!! As students in Egypt, ... Read More

In Fending Off Its Attackers, What Does Egypt Need to Master? The Art of Response!!

In national life, the most critical juncture is transitioning. From chaos to stability. From poverty to development. From dictatorship to democracy. From the Rule by One, to participation. The New Egypt is now at this critical juncture. Transitioning from a have-not country to a have country. From the dependent State under Mubarak, to the strong State under El-Sisi. From borrowing and foreign aid, to being self-sufficient. From a country concerned with the affairs of other Arab States, to one concerned primarily with its own improvement. That is why the great Egyptian educator, Loutfi El-Sayed, advocated one essential principle for Egyptian ... Read More

Thousands of Arabs Are Fleeing!! From What? From a Disastrous Arab System!!

Aylan Kurdi, a Syrian of 3 years of age.  Lying lifeless, face down, on a Turkish beach.  Washed by the sea waves as dead fish.  Nearby were the bodies of his brother and mother.  Emblematic of a disastrous Arab system.  Those bodies graphically depicted a lifeless Arab State system.  In fact a non-system, except in name only. And across those merciless waves of the Mediterranean, thousands upon thousands of Syrians and Iraqis were in full flight.  With their babies and meager belongings, braving barbed wire, fences, and inclement weather.  All running from the horrors of misrule, butchery, and hunger in ... Read More

Egypt’s "Field of Dreams": Connecting the Seas Began in 1380 B.C.

That great American film, "Field of Dreams," captures the imagination by one sentence.  "If you build it, they will come."  The reference was to a mid western hope in the future of a corn field.  A corn field from which the ghosts of great baseball players, long departed, appear to the field owner.  Playing, then disappearing in the thick of corn stalks.  Wondering if it was a signal for carving out a baseball arena on his farm.  Yet afraid that no spectators would come, he was advised: "If you build it, they will come." So it was the case with ... Read More

Islamophobia Degenerating Into Anti-Islamism: An Advocacy By Ayaan Hirsi Ali For "Reforming" Islam Through Editing the Quran!!

Ayaan Hirsi Ali - a young woman; an ex-Muslim; an ex-Somali.  A victim of Somali tribalism: genital mutilation, and an escapee from a pre-arranged marriage.  Her pain, we understand.  But her advocacy is Islamophobia that has crossed even the line of the most vehement anti-Islamist. Her understanding of Islam is framed through her tribal experiences.  Islam, as a faith, has nothing to do with Ayaan.  Yet, in the West, she has become the poster child of virulent anti-Islamism.  Blaming what her tribe did to her on the religion of others.  1.5 billion Muslims.  For she has never met that faith, ... Read More

Studying American-Arab Relationships From Unexpected Angles. This Time It Is the American Supreme Court on Jerusalem

America is complex.  Because it speaks with thousands of voices. Voices that come from myriad of sources.  Not necessarily from the Oval office or the Pentagon or the State Department.  Voices also from the American street. Because I live and work in America, I study American-Arab relationships.  Especially those with one-third of the Arab world which call themselves Egypt. One or two hours a day of such study are enough.  I have other things to do. Consequently, I was struck by a most important piece of news on June 9.  The thundering voice of the U.S. Supreme Court on the ... Read More

Why Did Egypt’s Train Depart, With the Brotherhood Still Standing on the Platform?

Because the Brotherhood were standing on a false platform. Because the great majority of the passengers saw in the Brotherhood a clear and present danger.  Boarding that train would have meant inclusiveness.  Well!!  The Brotherhood wished to travel alone.  Their "Guidance Bureau" decreed that. Because the train did not segregate men from women; veiled women from the unveiled; lots of Copts and some Shiis exercised their right to board; and the train had changed its course, from going east towards Hamas, to going west in a grand opening towards a broader and more interactive world. Yet, even when abandoned by ... Read More

The New Egypt Notion of a New Arab Nation

One of the great novels in Arabic is "The Return of the Spirit" (Awdat El-Roah), by Tawfik Al-Hakim.  In this blog posting, I shall borrow his title for a contemporary context.  Namely the return to the Arab Nation of its spirit.  Enunciated by El-Sisi as Chairman of the recent Arab Summit of late March in Sharm El-Sheikh, Sinai, Egypt. Closing his inaugural summit speech before all top representatives of 22 States, members of the League of Arab States, minus one -Syria, the Egyptian President, three times intoned: "Long Live the Arab Nation."  An apt reminder that after 4 years of ... Read More

Want To See A Thriller? Watch Hitchcock Not Al-Jazeera!

This is not about the case of Al-Jazeera journalists litigated in Egypt.  I do not have before me the file on that case.  This posting has to do with a much larger issue: Does press freedom know no limits?!  Because this is the basic issue confronting Al-Jazeera as it fabricates its case around the world against the New Egypt. For eight long and productive years, I learnt an important lesson from one great journalists source -Forbes Magazine.  From 1976 to 1984, I was retained by Forbes great co-founder, the late Malcolm Forbes.  He, and his four sons, and the editor, ... Read More

Abetting By The New York Times of an Islamic Emirate In Egypt

Your editorial of March 19 reflects stolid continuity .As of the second Egyptian revolution , your editorial needle is stuck at characterizing it as a "coup " . The coup was the Morsi regime which came through elections , stayed for a year as the epitome of Islamist fascism , and was booted out , not by tanks , but by popular recall on July 3 , 2013 . In June 2012 , I , as an Egyptian American , voted for Morsi . I soon realized my error . His election preceded the drafting of a new constitution ; ... Read More

Looking for ISIS Enablers? Find Some of Them Among Egyptian Editors

Ironically, some of Egypt's editorialists are in effect ISIS enablers.  Whether through malice or ignorance, they advocate a Cairo surrender!!  On the top of the great Muhammad Ali's Mosque, they, in effect, are advocating that El-Sisi should hoist an impossibility -a white flag.  The army which dared cross the Suez Canal in 1973 to destroy the Bar Lev Line and reclaim Sinai from Israeli occupation is not likely to heed Egypt's editorialists. The attacks in northern Sinai by Ansar Beit Al-Maqdis (Friends of Jerusalem) may go on for a while.  Their terror warfare, though resulting on January 29 in massacring ... Read More

How Satanic!! A Massacre in Paris Masquerades As Islamic!!

How can that be?!  A pair of desperadoes, French citizens of Algerian dissent, with Kalashnikov rifles massacre 12 co-citizens on January 7, claiming vengeance for Islam!!  What Islam are they mouthing?  And how can January 7, 2015 be different from 9/11?  Except in the number of martyred fatalities!! The despicable crime against "Charlie Hebdo," a satirist magazine which I have never seen, caused the bullets to ricochet!!  As stones skipping on water in a pond, the ricochet has hit Islam itself!!  There is no faith on the face of this earth that can cover this naked aggression against humanity. Massacres ... Read More

Through Default, ISIS LIVES And Shall Die!! Here is Why?!

We are back to an analysis of ISIS -the vaunted phantom which crystallizes jihadism.  Born through fissures in governance in Iraq, and absence of governance in Syria.  This is the cleanest slate any barbaric movement would hope for. In Iraq, the fissures were already there under Maliki, the former Prime Minister of an Iraq orphaned by lack of truly national leaders.  Maliki, a Shiite boss who commands allegiance centered on Tehran, saw a mirage of an Iraq dominated only by Shiis.  Not by an amalgam of all Iraqi sects.  Neither the Sunnis of the great North, nor the Kurds of ... Read More

In Favoring Morsi Over Sisi, America Looks Like a Sleep-Walking Uncoordinated Hulk!!

The American media are on a mission.  A crazy mission.  Day in, day out, the shrill voices rise in unison.  A prolonged lamentation of the removal of Morsi from power in Egypt.  And a prolonged unreasoned condemnation of the seating of El-Sisi as Egypt's president. Like a sleep-walking uncoordinated hulk, pundits, politicians, op ed pages, panels and interviews with a pre-selected corps of commentators, the bottom line is one and the same.  "ISIS is a menace!!"  OK.  Correct.  Good.  Bravo.  Simultaneously, the talking machine laments: "El-Sisi has come to power through a military coup."  How ridiculous!! When America started on ... Read More

الحقوق والواجبات ومسألة الأقليات

من الخطأ أن يرفض المجتمع القبطي توصيفه بالأقليات. في تفسيري، يرجع هذا الرفض إلى نظرة القبطي إلى هذا التعبير وكأنه يضاد مصالحه وكرامته. هذا شيء طبيعي في خضم الأحداث التي قلبت الموازين الاجتماعية والأخلاقية في مصر رأسا على عقب. أما ونحن الآن على مشارف قافلة ’’مصر الجديدة‘‘، ينبغي علينا مسلمين وأقباط، وأنا مسلم نشأ في جوار قبطي أصيل في قرية القنايات مركز الزقازيق، شرقية، أن نراجع معجم الألفاظ التي خاض بها كأس الجهل في أرض الكنانة. اهتمامي بكتابة هذا المقال يرجع إلى اهتمامي بالأقباط والنوبيين وأهل سيناء والمرأة في موطني الأصلي، مصر. ونحن كقانونيين لنا تعريف بمعنى ’’الحق‘‘ وبمعنى ’’الأقلية‘‘. ... Read More